Special offers on the occasion of Christmas and New Year

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Christmas holidays and welcome the new year we will discount $ 10/1 motorcycle when purchased at my store - 95 Ham Tu Quan . Get in touch whenever possible. Just send us your address Tell: 0966681799 Please call/ SMS before coming, We can pick up you for free, Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas and a new year full of happiness. CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Visit the Northwest with four flower seasons

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Visit the Northwest with four flower seasons The Northwestern forests have never ceased to infatuate people, especially those who love grand nature with intoxicating beautiful scenery. The nature lavishes the Northwestern region, in all seasons, with beautiful and special landscapes and scenery from mist-capped lands to floating clouds in the approaching summer or the bright yellow leaves when the autumn comes… It is no wonder tourism in the Northwestern region has always topped the list of d...